A Hunting Trip Experience for Disabled Children

Northern Nevada outdoor's Magazine

Northern Nevada Outdoor’s brainstorm happened when Lowry High School teacher/coach Jim Billingsley heard about a school in Georgia that was publishing an outdoor magazine. After getting school approval and a $5,000 grant, Jim got the project up and running and the magazine and class are still going strong today. 
Around 100 students have been in the program with thousands of dollars in scholarships awarded to students who have been in the class for at least two years. The kids learn how to do graphic art, build and sell advertisements and interact with other outdoorsmen while gathering information, photos and stories for the magazine. This is the only outdoor magazine in Nevada, all done entirely by high school students. Lowry High School and Winnemucca are very proud of the work and progress this magazine has made over the past years. The first issue in 2000 went out to about two hundred subscribers and has now grown to as many as fourteen hundred.
In order for us to continue we need your help. We are always looking for content, whether it be a photo, story, subscription or purchasing an ad in NNO.  Submissions can be emailed to [email protected]
To order Northern Nevada Outdoor's Magazine, please call Jim Dandy Productions at 775-623-2918, or come into our store at 1178 E. Winnemucca Blvd.  Thanks in advance for supporting the “Next Generation”.